Gallery - some relics from days gone by...

                  some new creations from the talented                          seamstresses and designers we call

                  customers and friends...


Auld Lang Syne

 Mitchell's Fabric Header c.1950


Looking North on Main Street, around 1953. The three stores on the right would slowly be added to Mitchells.


Same corner, new look c.1988


Floor to ceiling in 1986.


MITCHELL'S first 'Doorcrasher' Sale, 2012. Fabric shopping was intense in those days!



Once upon a time there was a textile industry in Canada. .


       This fabulous and Award-winning costume designed and built

       by former employee Su Kim.




        Longtime customer and good friend Wanda Farian created

             these costumes for Danishka Esterhazy's film ' EROS '.




MITCH the CAT on the job! It's his responsibility to make sure that fabrics are cat-tested for comfort and

endurance, whether drapery or upholstery or apparel!



       Janna Stewart can cut like a dream, and with an unerring eye,

                makes beautiful use of Mitchell's 'True Vintage' fabrics.



     Alex Espinosa, designer and costumer, not afraid to  

         meet a challenge boldly! See what we mean at




                Dress created by Yana Gorbulsky, a frequent          

                           explorer in Mitchell's Vintage Annex.

                         A talented designer and fabricator, she

                             is expanding into Children's Wear.




                    Fabric meets Physics - another engineering marvel

                 by Wanda Farion



                  The British ruffle meets the 21st century



    Mother and Daughter put last touches on their gowns.

Yvonne found the fabric at Mitchell's. to match her talent!



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