Special Services / Pricing

In addition to the inherent consulting services offered to customers on a day-to-day basis as to the appropriate choice of fabric, its uses, quantities needed, production, and general sewing advice, Mitchell’s offers the following services:

Special Ordering

Fabric Lines
Mitchell’s carries a large number of fabrics which are established lines, and will place Special Orders where there is insufficient stock for a customer’s needs. Prepayment is required to initiate a Special Order. In some cases there may be a minimum order, but typically Mitchell’s will bring in the quantity required to meet its price even if the customer requires only a small amount.

Product Sourcing
Mitchell’s offers expert assistance in sourcing fabrics and related products, and will bring in special fabrics where quantities and feasibility permit.

Mail Order

Mitchell’s ships goods across Canada and the U.S. Orders must be prepaid except when charged to an established account. All shipping costs are paid by the customer and added to the cost of the order except where shipping is collect.

Special Pricing

Mitchell’s offers wholesale pricing to clients using the fabric for the manufacture of items for re-sale, and where quantity minimums are purchased. Where minimums are not purchased, Mitchell’s offers a discount on a minimum dollar order.

Piece Pricing
Mitchell’s offers excellent discounts on the purchase of some utility fabrics such as canvas and unbleached cotton which are carried in-stock. Pieces are pre-cut to various sizes and are sold by the piece.

Contract Ordering/Pricing
The hospitality industry and other organizations are offered ‘contract’ pricing where the order meets minimum meterage requirements.

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