Our location at 637 Main St - Mitchell Fabrics has bridal fabrics, designer fabrics, quilting fabrics, quilting fabrics and upholstery fabrics in downtown Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.

Who We Are

Mitchell Fabrics is one of the largest and
best-known independent fabric stores in Canada. Established in 1946, Mitchell's continues its long tradition, offering an extensive, exceptional inventory, everyday value pricing, and commitment to excellent service. Trained and knowledgeable staff routinely assist customers with fabric selection, project planning, and sewing advice.

In addition to a full complement of fashion, craft, utility/specialty and home sewing fabrics, Mitchell’s offers particularly strong home decorating, bridal, and evening wear departments that provide access to a full range of market options including many high end and unique items. Mitchell’s also operates a division that specializes in a range of fabrics used by Hutterite, Amish and other communities in Canada and the U.S.


One of Canada’s oldest fabric destinations, Mitchell Fabrics has gained a national reputation for its vast inventory and its fair, everyday value pricing. Mitchell’s is a family-owned business which has served a growing market for over sixty years. Originally serving home sewers and tailors, over the years our customer base has grown to include businesses of every  description, schools and universities, artists, designers, theater groups, film and TV companies, and community organizations from coast to coast to coast. Located in downtown Winnipeg, Mitchell’s retail space has expanded to over 22,000 square feet on two floors, with warehousing space on a third floor. The history and character of Mitchell Fabrics is reflected in the historic downtown building where generations of families continue to shop.

In a world of fast-paced, impersonal, price-oriented commerce, Mitchell’s offers some shelter from the storm. We operate in the boutique model as a specialty retailer dedicated to our product, using experience and knowledge to serve our clientele. We buy for our customers, offer an exceptional inventory and a wide price range, and bring all of this together under a guiding commitment to excellent service.

                                  The Bridal Salon, with a unique collection of exquisite silks and satins, laces and accessories found only at Mitchell Fabrics, Winnipeg.

Mitchell’s offers exceptional choice in every department. In addition to market basics, we stock many high-end fabrics, offering choices for every budget. Mitchell’s also carries specialty and rare items that are not found elsewhere. We are known for the depth of our inventory as well as its range; requirements for large quantities are routinely serviced without the delay of re-order.

                            Mitchell Fabrics Drapery Department, with an enormous selection to suit any taste, any budget, and new arrivals daily.

Many first-time customers arrive at our store having been advised : “You’ll find it at Mitchell’s!”. We’re proud that our efforts over sixty years have built a loyal customer base across Manitoba and beyond. Whether the need is for a large quantity of flame retardant fabric to decorate the Saddle Dome for the Canadian Country Music Awards, a fabulous Italian wool for a three piece suit or organically grown cotton sheeting, Mitchell’s customers know they will find the right fabric at Mitchell’s, in the right quantity, at the right price.

                                  Our main floor, with dozens of choices in Fleece products among a vast inventory of fabrics for all basic sewing projects - at Mitchell Fabrics Winnipeg.

We are proud of our staff complement, which includes many knowledgeable and committed long-time employees who take a great interest in fabrics, and who form an integral part of the Mitchell Fabrics experience. Whether their fabric needs are large or small, simple or complex, our customers can count on experienced, knowledgeable assistance.

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